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About Publisher

Throughout the world, we provide scientific and professional communities with superior specialist information produced by authors and colleagues across the world.

We are committed to quality production, thought provoking contents and highest standard of ethical behavior, besides courteous and highly personalized services.

We foster communication among researchers, students, professionals and farmers enabling them to work more efficiently, thereby advancing their knowledge and learning.

We think ahead, move fast and promote change: creative ideas, business models, inventive approach, and mutually beneficial publishing have established us as a trusted publisher and pioneer in the field of AGRICULTURAL AND BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE.

The organization is owned by an experienced Botanist Dr. Updesh Purohit, a Plant Physiologist with his vast experience in this field of plant sciences, which initiated him to publish authentic literature for scientists and farmers. He is of opinion that the knowledge of science and technology should reach from laboratory to land.

The Managing Director of the organization is Dr. S. S. Purohit, an experienced Professor of Botany with specialization in Plant Physiology and Biotechnology. His insight in the subject and creative innovative approach in various fields of Agriculture and biological sciences made possible to publish the books of International standard.