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Agrobios Newsletter is sincerely working to pursue the academic needs in the field of agricultural and biological sciences. We are entering in the 18th year of publication.
During this journey, we have published more than 10000+ articles of 4000+ authors. We have started our online portal to manage and respond to our subscribers and authors for their needs like registration, payment deposit, article submission, article update, magazine download etc. This simplified process reduces the time to process articles and to save the cost of postage and documentation. We have introduced a plagiarism check, which helps our writers and academicians to stay within the regulatory and ethical limits, which is a precondition of excelling in any field of education or work. As you know this magazine is non-profitable but improving its text, quality and acceptability every year.
We are not charging any cost (except FTS System) for processing, printing and plagiarism check of the four articles a year and providing hardcopy of the magazine to your desk.
Due to the continuous raise in production and processing cost such as paper, printing office staffs salary, postage and website maintenance, this is necessary to raise the subscription charges.
Last subscription charges were raised in the year 2014. We have started a mission with 4 pages, and now we are publishing 148 pages per issue round the year.
We hope you will understand the current scenario and help and support this subscription raise.

New Subscription Rates (01.06.2019)
Annual Individual: Rs. 1000.00
Annual Institutional Rs. 2000.00


Publish Date: 25 May 2019