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A Handbook of Extension Education (PB)

A Handbook Of Extension Education (pb)

ISBN : 9788177544046
Edition : 01
Year : 2018
Author : Prof. De Dipak , Dr. Jirli B
Publisher : Agrobios (India)
Language : English
MRP : 550.00
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Additional Information
Book Type :
Paper Bond
No Of Pages
850 Gms
Book Size
AMERICAN ROYAL (229 x 152mm)
Extension education A has to change in harmony with fast changing national and global scenario. The information and communication technological advances in transfer of technology have changed the TOT paradigm. The book Modern Extension Education emphasizes to provide a comprehensive reading material for extension professionals, students and researchers. This book will fulfill the needs of ICARs restructured postgraduate (masters and doctoral) course curricula and syllabi of extension education at the national level. The book is divided into seven parts, each dealing with separate aspects. All these parts have been presented in a logical sequence.
Section I: Advanced Dimensions of Extension Education
Conceptual Issues in Extension Education: The book begins with conceptual issues in extension and tries to establish relations and bring out the contradictions in the concepts of Extension Education and Extension Service. The chapter also deals with developmental issues in extension education, recent advances in extension services and farmers commission report along with millennium development goals.
Sustainable Development: Concept, Model and Principle: The concept of sustainable development which is the buzz word of development professionals has been delt with all delicacies. Dimensions of sustainable development are discussed. The models of development and principles of sustainable development are explained with befitting examples.
Demand - Driven Extension Strategy through Participatory Mode: In the chapter on Demand-Driven Extension Strategy an attempt has been made to propose an extension strategy for promoting sustainable agricultural development. The extension strategy can be explained with the help of Demand - Driven model. Also it deals with need for participation, why people participate, typology of participation and limiting factors of participation.
Communitisation of Quality Extension System: The book introduces a novel concept of Communitisation of extension services for bringing in quality in the extension education and service. The chapter deals with systems approach need for revival through communitisation, modus operandi of communitisation and communitisation through participation at length.
Extension and Management: The chapter on Extension management covers the definitions of management, characteristics of extension management, implication of characteristics, qualities of extension managers, competencies needed by extension managers and functions of extension manager.
Section II: Research Dimensions
Impact Assessment, Monitoring and Evaluation - Concepts, Domains and Praxeology: The chapter Impact Assessment - Concepts, Domains and Praxeology deals with concept and domains of impact assessment such as demographical, economical, structural, socio-cultural, psychological, institutional, environmental etc. The chapter introduces the emerging concepts. Praxeological analysis which is concerned with visible matter, invisible choices and intentions. Praxeology is an aprioristic science. This discipline deals with time-invariant features of human action and means of human action.
Research Design: The chapter on research design deals with purpose of research design, reasons for conducting qualitative research, different research experimental designs viz., after only experiment, before - after experiment, before - after experiment with single group, before - after experiment with interchangeable groups, before - after experiment with one control group, before - after experiment with two control groups.
Theory Building in Extension Research: Theory building in extension research deals with theory, elements of theory, assumptions and ideas, frame of reference, categories of scientific theories, terms used in theory building, advantages of axiomatic format, Axiomatic theory, steps in theory building. Section 2.3.1 deals with A Scale to measure scientific temperament of farmers
Section III: Information and Communication Dimensions
Theories and Models of Communication: The chapter on models and theories of communication deals with various models which are rarely found in any literature on extension education. Models viz., Aristotle, Lasswel, S - R, Shannon and Weaver, Berlo, Leagan, Holland, Westley and McLean, Rieley and Reiley, Gerbner New Comb, and De etal. are some of the prominent ones, similarly various theories are also discussed for bringing conceptual clarity. Section 3.1.1 deals with Axiomatic Theory of Communication Behavior
Adoption and Diffusion of Innovation: An Axiomatic Theory: The chapter on adoption and diffusion of innovations discusses important variables affecting adoption process validated through axiomatic theory building technique.
Information System and Participatory Approaches for Project Formulation: The chapter Information System and Participatory Approaches for Project Formulation introduces the pivotal concepts like (i) Information System; (ii) Information Stratum; (iii) Characteristics of people in Information Stratum; (iv) participatory approaches; and (v) steps for project formulation. Also it explains information types and information use. The principles of participatory approaches, terms used in participatory approaches, phases of participatory process, inter institutional arrangements for participatory extension management.
Right to information: Tool to empower common man: The chapter on Right to Information Act explains how people can become more aware about their rights and duties. Public and private sector organizations are becoming efficient to deliver the goods to the people due to acts like RTI.
Section IV: Reporting Dimensions
Reporting Dimension in Extension Education: Agricultural Journalism: The chapter on agricultural journalism deals with news, news worthy elements, types of news, scope of agricultural journalism, agricultural journalism as a means of mass communication, ethics of journalism, techniques of interviewing, basics of writing for different publication, writing news article and feature article.
Section V: Entrepreneurial Dimensions
Entrepreneurship: A conceptual framework: The chapter on entrepreneurship development in agriculture deals with concept of entrepreneur, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial behaviour, typology of entrepreneurs, typology of enterprise and factors affecting entrepreneurial behaviour, theories and models of entrepreneurship.
Section VI: Empowerment
Empowerment - Human Resource Development: The chapter on empowerment discusses the concept of empowerment, gender empowerment, types of empowerment, quantitative and qualitative indicators of empowerment, concept of education, training and employment, various empowerment programmes, procedure for application and qualitative and quantitative indicators of empowerment.
Section VII: ICT in Extension
ICTs in Agricultural Extension: The chapter on information and communication technology mediated extension deals with knowledge driven development, success stories of ICT use in rural India, critical success factors of ICT projects, scope and types of services provided by ICT projects, training and capacity building for ICT application. ICT in agricultural education, research and extension management.
Harnessing ICT Potentials for Empowering Rural Folk: The chapter deals with media education, media literacy, information literacy, issues related to Information Communication Technologies for Development (ICT4D), Some successful experiments utilizing ICT as a tool for empowerment, Media Literacy in Practice and Convergence of ICTs with Agricultural Extension.
Section VIII: IPR Dimension
Intellectual Property Rights: The chapter on intellectual Property rights deals with history of IPR, patents, designs, copyrights, trademarks, IC layouts and designs, Geographical indicators, Protection of new plant varieties
This book also includes information on classification of countries, list of journals, list of important websites, worldwide internet use statistics and suggested readings. All the chapters have been dealt in a simple manner to make it useful. We hope that this will be a useful addition to the literature in the discipline of extension education. We are especially indebted to the authors / institutions whose works are cited throughout the book and acknowledged at appropriate places in the text. We are indebted to individuals, institutions and publishers in which the articles originally appeared. We acknowledge the contributions of all the people who have contributed to the field of extension education and other related fields. We dedicate this book to the extension professionals.

  1. Conceptual Issues in Extension Education
  2. Sustainable Development: Concept, Model and Principle
  3. Demand - Driven Extension Strategy through Participatory Mode
  4. Communitization of Quality Extension System
  5. Extension and Management
  1. Impact Assessment, Monitoring and Evaluation - Concepts, Domains and Praxeology
  2. Research Design
  3. Theory Building in Extension Research
  4. A Scale to Measure Scientific Temperament of Farmers
  1. Theories and Models of Communication
  2. Axiomatic Theory of Communication Behavior
  3. Adoption and Diffusion of Innovation: An Axiomatic Theory
  4. Information System and Participatory Approaches for Project Formulation
  5. Right to Information: Tool to Empower Common Man
  1. Reporting Dimension in Extension Education: Agricultural Journalism
  1. Entrepreneurship: A Conceptual Framework
  1. Empowerment - Human Resource Development
  1. ICTs in Agricultural Extension
  2. Harnessing ICT Potentials for Empowering Rural Folk
  1. Intellectual Property Right's
  1. Subject Index

Prof. De Dipak

Prof. Dipak De did his M. Sc. (Agri) from IARI, pre PhD from IIT, Delhi and PhD from Indian Agricultural Research Institute, Pusa, New Delhi . Earlier worked as Assistant Professor in M. L. Sukhadia University, Udaipur and Associate Professor in Rajasthan Agricultural University, Bikaner. Presently working as Professor in the Department of Extension Education, Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. Prof. Dipak De was the executive member of International Council of International Association for Media and Communication Research, London School of Economics, London and is President of Global Communication Research Association, Sydney, Australia. Prof. Dipak De organized International Seminar, National Workshop and two Winter Schools. He is the  Editor of Journal of Global Communication. Have more than 60 research publications in his credit. Prof. De has authored six books and a number of book chapters. Active member of more than 10 Professional Societies of Agricultural Extension at national and international levels. Dr. De has supervised 30 M. Sc. (Agri) research works and eight PhD scholars obtained their doctoral degrees under his guidance. Serving as Principal Investigator of the Department of Science and Technology funded project entitled Quality mode production in Rice Wheat cropping system through farmers interest groups. Dr. De has visited more than 12 countries and vast experience of teaching and research. He is the recipient of Dr. O. P. Dahama Memorial Award of Indian Society of Extension Education, New Delhi.

Dr. Jirli B

Dr. Basavaprabhu Jirli completed under graduation and post-graduation from University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, obtained PhD from National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal. Earlier served as Documentation Scientist at Karnataka Rajya Vigyana Parishat, Banagalore, Research Associate, National Research Centre for Rapeseed Mustard, Bharatpur (Indian Council of Agricultural Research) and  Assistant Professor in Central Agricultural University. Presently working as Lecturer (Sr. Scale) in the Department of Extension Education, Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi since 2002. He has been engaged in teaching and research for more than 7 (seven) years. Have more than 15 research publications, three edited volumes of proceedings and two edited books in his credit. Active member of more than 12 Professional Societies of Agricultural Extension at national and international levels. Serving as co-principal Investigator of the Department of Science and Technology funded project entitled  Quality mode production in Rice Wheat cropping system through farmers  interest groups . Also associated with the project on Agro Meteorological Advisory services to framers, in collaboration with Department of Geophysics, BHU, a project funded by Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India. Serving as Assistant Editor, Journal of Global Communication, which is official journal of Global Communication Research Association, North Ryde, New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

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