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Malabar Neem Melia Dubia (HB)

Malabar Neem Melia Dubia (hb)

ISBN : 9788194138778
Edition : 1
Year : 2019
Author : Dr. (Prof.) Parthiban KT, Dr. Chauhan SK, Dr. Sudhagar RJ
Publisher : Agrobios (India)
Language : English
MRP : 1500.00
In Stock
Additional Information
Book Type :
Hard Bond
No Of Pages
400 Gms
Book Size
AMERICAN ROYAL (229 x 152mm)
Associated Subjects:
Agribusiness , Forestry , Horticulture ,
Foreword by:
Prof. N. Kumar
Vice-Chancellor, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore

Melia dubia is a multi-purpose fast-growing tree species amenable for agroforestry. In the recent past, this species has gained significant attraction among the farmers and wood-based industries from across the country as a source of commercially viable species with multiple domestic and industrial utility. Such a multi-purpose commercial tree has received little research attention and there are no documented research inputs for genetics, silviculture, utilization and the associated economics for deployment and commercial utilization of Melia dubia. This research and development gaps have necessitated the documentation and publication of relevant information pertaining to Melia dubia.
Hence the current book on "Malabar Neem – Melia dubia (Genetic Resources, Silviculture and Economics)" has been prepared taking into consideration all the requirement of farmers, industries and other professionals involved in promotion of Melia dubia. This book has incorporated the information on improved genetic resources, silvicultural technology and propagation methods which may find profound utility by wood-based industries, tree growing farmers, forestry students and other professionals involved in promotion, research and educational activities. The incorporation of wood quality characterization particularly physical, chemical, anatomical and mechanical properties will have significant attraction from the researchers and industries as a source of ready reckoner for research and practical application.
This book has also incorporated the economics, insurance and contract farming systems along with all supply chain managers involved in the entire Production to Consumption System and hence the book will have profound utility by the industries, forestry professionals, nursery growers, financial institutions and others involved in promotion of agroforestry on a commercial basis. In a holistic approach, the current book on Malabar Neem – Melia dubia is a ready reckoner for Professional Foresters, academicians, researchers, industrial establishment and all other stakeholders involved in promotion and development of forestry and agroforestry activities on a commercial scale.
1. Melia Genetic Resources
2. Silviculture - Distribution, Ecology and Environmental Requirements
3. Propagation Methods
4. Silviculture:
5. Plantation Establishment
6. Growth and Yield of Melia dubia
7. Agroforestry Models and Systems
8. Melia Wood Properties: Physicochemical Properties
9. Melia Wood Properties: Mechanical Properties
10. Melia Wood Properties - Anatomical Properties
11. Melia Wood Properties: Thermochemical Properties
12. Melia Leaf Properties
13. Utilization of Melia dubia
14. Melia based Plywood Industrial Processing
15. Economics of Melia Cultivation
16. Insurance Scheme for Melia dubia
17. DUS Traits and Characterization
18. Melia Contract Farming
19. Organizations and Institutions involved in Production to Consumption
20. Success Stories of Melia dubia Tree Farming
22. Failure Stories of Melia dubia Tree Farming

Dr. (Prof.) Parthiban KT

Dr. K.T. Parthiban is a Professor engaged in professional forestry education, research and extension activities for the past 24 years. He conceived and promoted the value chain models for Industrial Agroforestry in association with wood based industries. He is instrumental in development of varieties in Casuarina, Melia,kadam and Eucalyptus. He has implemented research projects funded by DST, DBT, ICAR, Dept. of Environment, SLUB, NOVOD Board and several wood based industries. He has authored 12 books and over 100 research papers.  He is pioneer in establishing Indias first Consortium of Industrial Agroforestry (CIAF) and Agroforestry Business Incubator and resolving the PCS issues in agroforestry sector. Dr. K.T. Parthiban has travelled widely in European, South American and Asian countries  

Dr. Chauhan SK

Dr. Sanjeev K. Chauhan, Head, Department of Forestry and Natural resources, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana has a vast experience of 24 years in Forestry/Agroforestry teaching, research and extension. He is a member coordinator in various international committee and IUFRO task force. He has handled several projects with main emphasis on tree crop interaction for increasing productivity, profitability and environmental benefits. He has published 78 research papers and edited four books and a text book. He has guided several M.Sc students. He has visited Australia, Austria, China, Hungary, Italy, Srilanka, South Korea and Thailand for scientific interactions.

Dr. Sudhagar RJ

Dr. R. Jude Sudhagar, Assistant Professor of Forestry presently works in the Department of Agroforestry, Forest College and Research Institute, Mettupalayam. With 15 years of experience in teaching, research and extension, he has authored more than 30 research articles in journals of National and international repute besides   4 books and 12 book chapters. He has functioned as a Co- Principal investigator in research projects funded by ICAR, NOVOD, UGC, DBT and European Union. Presently, he is Officer in charge of AICRP on Agroforestry. 

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