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Climate Change and Quality Seed Production Technology

Climate Change And Quality Seed Production Technology

ISBN : 9788193925591
Edition : 01
Year : 2019
Author : Koutu GK , Bhale MS , Dr. Ramakrishnan R. S , Dr. Sharma R.S
Publisher : Agrobios (India)
Language : English
MRP : 2500.00
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Additional Information
Book Type :
Hard Bond
No Of Pages
600 Gms
Book Size
AMERICAN ROYAL (229 x 152mm)

About the Book

Crop variety development and quality seed supply are the two prime elements that provide the foundation to realize higher crop productivity ensuring food security to the nation quality. During the green revolution era, Indian agriculture observed tremendous growth due to the introduction of seeds of high yielding varieties. Despite the substantial institutional framework for seed production, the availability of quality seeds continued to be a major problem for the farmers. As a result, they prefer to rely on farm-saved seeds operating on informal mode. This informal seed system needs to be strengthened as it accounts for 65-70% of all food crops cultivated, ensure dietary diversity in smallholder communities and conservation of biodiversity of locally well-adapted germplasm with greater resilience in the face of climate change and natural disasters.

Due to climate change, there is an incidence of frequent substantial differences in rainfall, terminal heat stress, soil salinity, flooding etc. reducing seed yield and quality. Adaptation and mitigation strategies for the seed sector against the drastic effect of climate change includes the development of climate resilience cultivars, changing sowing dates, soil application and seed priming with different micro-nutrients and bio-regulators.

Seed quality enhancement technology is vital to sustainable crop production ensuring seed and food security. The good quality seeds have a tremendous potential to increase farm productivity and income of farmers.  Organic seed is the starting and most important component for completing the chain of organic seed production. Presently 95% of organic agriculture is based on crop varieties that were breed under conventional breeding approach. Some traits relevant for conventional high input farming may have a negative side effect on organic systems such as increased reliance on high inorganic-N inputs. Breeding for organic agriculture needs specific strategies that utilize genetic diversity with adaptation to low input environments without any devastating effect on crop yield and

One of the critical components for achieving crop productivity is the availability of quality seeds lot with maximum genetic purity. Currently farming community is facing extraordinary hardship due to failure of crops because of the entry of spurious seeds into the market. In the present and future, more seed varieties containing transgenic traits will be marketed alongside conventional seed varieties.  Because of this development, it  is necessary to confirm the absence of transgenic traits in the traditional organic seed lot. To overcome this problem, modern technologies for  GMO testing based on PCR based detection, microarrays technology, protein-based detection viz., ELISA, Western blotting, immunostrips has been standardized and employed worldwide.

The bio-safety implications of the field release of transgenic plants have attracted global attention. The potential environmental impacts of any transgenic crops will vary depending on this crop’s characteristics, the ecological system where it is being grown, its management and regulatory mechanism. This chapter focuses on the status of the transgenic crop in India and world, its associated risk on human health environment, non- target organisms and regulatory mechanism of safety assessment of transgenic crops in India.

Cotton, maize, jowar, bajra, castor, sunflower, pulses and rice are the important field crops where hybrid technology has been exploited on a commercial scale. Pulse crop faces a problem of low productivity, and it will be addressed through the commencement of hybrid production technology. Hybrid seed production technology of pigeon pea based on genetic male sterility and cytoplasmic-genetic male sterility is being popularized in India due to yield enhancement. Hybrid technology has a tremendous potential which needs further exploration and expansion to different crops for achieving a quantum jump in productivity.

This book has been organized with the available information on techniques of seed production and seed quality enhancement, climate change and its adaptation and mitigation strategies. The book will be of immense value for seed production specialists, teachers, students, researchers and policymaker





1.    Indian Seed Industry: Accomplishment and Opportunities

2.    Strengthening of Informal Seed System for Food Security

3.    Organic Seed Production and Crop Improvement: Challenges and Opportunities

4.    Climate Change and Quality Seed Production: Problems and Mitigation Approach

5.    Recent Advances in Seed Quality Enhancement

6.    Recent Advances in Transgenic Purity Testing

7.    Bio-Safety Regulation in Transgenic Crops

8.    Genetically Modified Crops: Current Status and Future Prospects

9.    Seed Production Technology of Oilseed Crops

a)    Groundnut

b)    Linseed

c)    Rapeseed-Mustard

d)    Niger

e)    Sesame

f)    Soybean

10. Hybrid Production Technology for Quality Seeds

a)    Cotton

b)    Maize

c)    Pearl Millet

d)    Pigeonpea

e)    Rice

f)    Sorghum

11. Seed Production Technology of Pulse Crops

a)    Chickpea

b)    Lentil

c)    Mung Bean

d)    Field Pea

e)    Pigeonpea

f)    Urd Bean

12. Subject Index

Koutu GK

Dr. Sharma R.S

Dr. Radheshyam Sharma, Working as Assistant Professor, Biotechnology Centre, J. N. Krishi Vishwa Vidhyalaya, Jabalpur. Has obtained B. Sc. (Ag) in 2008, from RAU, Bikaner (Rajasthan), M. Sc. (Ag) Plant Biotechnology in 2010 from UAS, Dharwad (Karnataka) through Junior Research Fellowship, and Ph. D. Molecular Biology & Biotechnology from MPUAT, Udaipur (Rajasthan) in 2014. He is University Gold Medalist and recipient of Du-Point Pioneer Hi-bred International Research Fellowship. He has six years of research and teaching experience. He has published 25 research papers and 5 book chapter in journals of National and International repute. He has submitted and registered twelve microbial 16s rDNA, five metagenomic and coriander transcriptome sequences to NCBI.  He has participated and presented his work in various National and International seminars/conferences/workshops. He is ICAR-BSMA committee member for refinement and improvement of Masters and Ph.D. syllabus of Molecular Biology & Biotechnology discipline. Presently, he is Principal Investigator of two projects funded by ICAR and DBT, GOI. His areas of research interest are seed production with reference to Hybrid Purity testing, Transgenic Purity testing, Marker Assisted Selection, Gene Cloning and Characterization, Genetic Transformation, Genetic Diversity Assessment of Plant and Microbes, Green Synthesis of Nano particles and Plant Tissue Culture. Involved in teaching of several courses of Molecular Biology & Biotechnology, Plant Breeding & Genetics and Biochemistry at UG and PG.

Dr. Ramakrishnan R. S

Dr R. Shiv Rama Krishnan, Ph. D., Presently working as Scientist in All India Co-ordinated Research Project-National Seed project- Seed Technology Research at Seed Technology Research Centre, Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics, J. N. Krishi Vishwa Vidhyalaya, Jabalpur. Has obtained M. Sc. (Agriculture Plant Physiology)  through ICAR Junior Research Fellowship in 2009 from AAIDU, Naini, Allahabad (Uttar Pradesh) and Ph. D. in Plant Physiology from IARI, New Delhi in 2016. He is University Gold medalist and recipient of Department of Science & Technology-INSPIRE and ICAR-Senior Research Fellowship for pursuing doctoral degree. Has nine years of research and teaching experience. His major contribution include in phenotyping for drought stress tolerance in wheat and dissecting the role of cytokinin and its signal transduction cascade in the photoprotection of photosynthetic machinery and its association with stay green trait at molecular level in wheat. Has published more than 25 research papers and two book chapter in the journal of International and National repute. Received Young Scientist Award from different Scientific Societies and Organizations. His areas of research interest include Molecular Stress Physiology, Phenomics, Seed enhancement techniques, Phenotyping of crops for high temperature and drought environments, Gene Cloning and Characterization and Green Synthesis of Nano particles. He has guided two PG students and involved in teaching of courses of Plant Physiology, Seed Technology and Climate Change at UG, PG and Ph. D. level. Presently, He is Principal Investigator of two projects funded by ICAR and DBT, GOI.

Bhale MS

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