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Multipurpose Tree Species: Research, Retrospect and Prospect

Multipurpose Tree Species: Research, Retrospect And Prospect

ISBN : 9788177540451
Edition : 01
Year : 2008
Author : Solanki KR , Bisaria AK , Handa AK
Publisher : Agrobios (India)
Language : English
MRP : 990.00
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Hard Bond
No Of Pages
600 Gms
Book Size
DEMY (216 x 138 mm)

Farmers have nurtured trees on their farms, pasture land and around homes for millennia to satisfy their livelihood needs. These trees were later on defined as multipurpose trees which provide fodder, firewood and also replenish nutrients in soil. Many strides have been made to define characterize, evaluate multipurpose tree species for various agroforestry system under different agro-ecological zones of the world. Since the initiation of agroforestry research in India efforts are going on for identifying promising multipurpose trees and shrubs through diagnosis and design exercise and evaluating them for their suitability pertaining to growth, development, biomass production and natural resource conservation. Now voluminous data is available about multipurpose tree species for all the twenty one agro-ecological zones of the Indian Union.

In view of continuous reduction in forest cover, demographic pressure for livelihood needs and importance of trees, National Research Centre for Agroforestry, Jhansi organized a National Symposium on “Multipurpose Tree Species for Agroforestry System” during 11-13 June, 1998 to collect information on MPTS in relation to agroforestry systems and to provide a platform to discuss various aspects of MPTS and exchange of scientific knowledge among scientific community, foresters, planner and NGOs.

This volume brings together a vast and useful collection of papers by experts in agroforestry Emphasis has been given to many problems and challenges facing their sustainable development such as evaluation, management and ecology. Overall the papers reflects both progress and degree of comprehension achieved in understanding, management, utilization and conservation of MPTS.

  1. Inaugural Address
    G. B. Singh
  2. Important Agroforestry Systems in Arid and Semi-Arid Regions of India
    R. P. Singh and N. K. Sharma*
  3. Multiple-use Trees : Some Socio-Economic Implications for Agroforestry Programme
    Jagdish C. Kalla
  4. Strategy for Promotion of Agroforestry in Dry Regions
    N. G. Hegde
  5. Grow Neem under Agroforestry Systems to Bring Prosperity to Farmers
    R. Deb Roy
  6. MPTs Inventory and use in Agroforestry: Current Scenario and Tasks Ahead
    P. S. Pathak
  7. MPTs Inventory and Identification for Sustaining Agricultural Production in Eco-Friendly System
    K. Srivastava and S. A. Khan
  8. Tree Breeding Status of Agroforestry Species in India
    K. R. Solanki
  9. Growth Performance of Different Provenances of Neem (Azadirachta indica A. Juss) in Semi-Arid Region of Central India
    V. K. Gupta, R. V. Kumar, A. Datta and K. R. Solanki
  10. Genotypic Variation in Physiological Characteristics of Leucaena leucocephala
    Seema, Vandana, L. P. Misra, R. K. Bhatt and P. S. Pathak
  11. Provenance Studies in Indian Blackberry
    S. L. Madiwalar, S. I. Hanamashetti, S. M. Mutanal and B. S. Nadagoudar
  12. Establishment and Growth of Tissue Culture Raised Clones of Plus Trees of Eucalyptus tereticornis under Semi-Arid Conditions
    Ajit, V. K. Gupta, K. R. Solanki, A. Datta and R. V. Kumar
  13. Preliminary Evaluation of Growth Performance of Different Plus Tree Progenies of Dalbergia sissoo
    R. V. Kumar, V. K. Gupta, A. Datta and K. R. Solanki
  14. Multivariate Analysis in Clonal Progenies of Tamarind (Tamarindus indica L.) 
    S. I. Hanamashetti, G. S. Sulikeri and P. M. Salimath
  15. Multipurpose Browse Shrubs of India: Diversity in Tropical and Temperate Species
    Vinod Shankar and J. P. Singh
  16. Status of Genetic Diversity and Biotechnological Research in Arid Zone Trees
    Manjit Singh, N. L. Kackar and S. K. Jindal
  17. Selection of Neem Ecotypes with High Azadirachtin and its Multiplication through Micropropagation
    Venkateswarlu, K. Mukhopadhyay, J. Mukhopadhyay and J. C. Katyal
  18. Vegetative Propagation of Albizia amara
    K. Handa, K. R. Solanki, S. K. Shukla, A. K. Shanker and S. P. S. Chauhan
  19. Paulownia - A Potential MPTs in India
    Jagdish Singh, A. K. Bisaria and V. K. Garg
  20. Non Timber Produce of Anjan (Hardwickia binata
    K. Bisaria and R. Tiwari
  21. Management of MPTs in Agroforestry Systems for Problematic Soils of North-Western Hilly Region
    Pratap Narain, K. S. Dadhwal, V. P. S. Tomar and H. P. S. Tomar
  22. Exploitation of Problematic Soils through MPTs under Agroforestry Systems
    P. Rai
  23. Characterisation and Management of Limestone Minespoils of Outer Himalaya through MPTs and other Plant Species
    K. S. Dadhwal, G. P. Juyal, P. Joshie and V. S. Katiyar
  24. Management of MPTs for Salt Affected Soils in Agroforestry System
    Gurbachan Singh
  25. Role of MPTs in Management of Wastelands with Special Reference to Sodic Soils
    Munish Kumar and A. S. Warsi
  26. Performance of MPTs in Problematic Soils of Central Plain Zone of Uttar Pradesh
    S. A. Khan and I. N. Shukla
  27. Sustenance of Soil Fertility through Adoption of MPTs
    R. S. Yadav, Munna Ram, K. S. Dadhawal and K. R. Solanki
  28. Soil Improvement through Hardwickia binata based Agroforestry System
    Munna Ram, R. S. Yadav, K. S. Dadhwal, A. K. Bisaria and K. R. Solanki
  29. Agroforestry Systems in Agricultural Dominated Ravenous Watershed
    R. A. Singh
  30. Control of Storage Fungi Associated with Seed of Some Important MPTs
    Anil Kumar, G. R. Rao and A. K. Handa
  31. Loss Assessment in Albizia Species due to Pod Boring Insects
    Chitra Shanker and K. R. Solanki
  32. Association of Pathogenic Diseases with Dalbergia sissoo Roxb. in North Bihar
    M. S. Ali, V. K. Singh, M. M. Jha, O. P. Chaturvedi S. Mishra, and R. C. Jha
  33. Evaluation of Sustainable Productivity in MPTs based Farming System under Rainfed Condition
    S. D. Upadhyay, M. K. Awasthi and K. K. Jain
  34. Kadam - Its Prospects as Multipurpose Tree under Agroforestry Systems
    M. S. Haque and S. Kannapiran
  35. Performance of Multipurpose Tree Species under Various Agroforestry Systems under Semiarid Conditions
    S. Gill
  36. Influence of Faidherbia albida on Growth and Yield of Short Duration Pulses
    G. Pratibha and G. R. Korwar
  37. Management of Fruit Trees Suitable for Agroforestry System in Arid Region
    R. N. Prasad and B. B. Vashishtha
  38. Early Growth Pattern of Some MPTs in Association with Pasture Species
    M. M. Roy, B. K. Choubey and M. P. Rai
  39. Effect of Chirpine on above Ground Biomass of Herbage Layer and Carrying Capacity of the Natural Silvipastoral System in North-West Himalaya
    G. R. Rao, V. K. Mishra*, B. Gupta*, K. R. Solanki and Anil Kumar
  40. Micro-Climate Variation in Dalbergia sissoo based Agroforestry System
    Arun K. Shanker, Ram Newaj and A. K. Handa
  41. Ber in Agroforestry System
    B. Vashishtha and Vishal Nath
  42. Performance of MPTs and their Effect on Forage Production under Rangelands
    R. C. Singh and Sudhir Kumar
  43. Ber Based Agroforestry System in Marginal Lands under Rainfed Conditions
    Ram Newaj, K. R. Solanki and S. K. Shukla
  44. Agri-Horticultural System: A Sustainable Way of Meeting Diverse Needs of Farming Community
    S. K. Shukla, A. K. Bisaria, A. S. Gill, R. P. Dwivedi and C. K. Bajpai
  45. Allelopathic Effect of Leucaena leucocephala on Germinability and Seedling Growth of Wheat
    Neelam Khare, A. K. Bisaria and K. R. Solanki
  46. Performance of Black Gram under Neem Based Agroforestry System in Semiarid Region
    K. Pandey, K. R. Solanki and V. K. Gupta
  47. Evaluation of Anogeissus pendula Genotypes under Agrisilvicultural System in Rainfed Conditions
    K. Rai, K. R. Solanki and V. K. Gupta
  48. Ecological Studies on Multipurpose Woody Species of Iseilema Grasslands
    K. Trivedi, J. N. Gupta and D. K. Parashar
  49. Intercropping with MPTs based Industrial Plantation and its Beneficial Effects
    M. S. Malik and C. Surendran
  50. Income Generation from Tree and Crop Based Systems: A Farmer’s Experience
    P. S. Tomer
  51. Farmers’ Preference for MPTs in Agroforestry
    R. P. Dwivedi, S. K. Shukla, P. Rai and C. K. Bajpai
Recommendations of the Symposium

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Solanki KR

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Bisaria AK

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Handa AK

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