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Eco-friendly Pest Management Strategies for Major Vegetable Crops

Eco-friendly Pest Management Strategies For Major Vegetable Crops

ISBN : 9788194377665
Edition : 1
Year : 2021
Volume : 1
Author : Dr. Saha, T , Dr. Managanvi, K , Dr. Chandran, N
Publisher : Agrobios (India)
Language : English
MRP : 2500.00
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Book Type :
Hard Bond
No Of Pages
250 Gms
Book Size
AMERICAN ROYAL (229 x 152mm)
The vegetables pests plague everybody who has ever raised vegetables, from backyard gardener to professional horticulturists, farm managers and agro-business professionals. The economic impacts of vegetable pests are enormous. To manage and minimize the adverse impacts of pests, it is important to identify exactly which pests are affecting vegetable crops. The present book entitled 'Eco-friendly Pest Management Strategies for major vegetable crops' provides comprehensive knowledge on the insect pests of some selected vegetables, identification guides, descriptions of pest life history, damage symptoms, host plant relationships, natural enemies and pest management recommendations. In addition to above, the book also includes the use of lure traps and other eco-friendly management techniques for fruit flies and host plant resistance as a component to organic pest management in vegetable crops along with organic agriculture- myths and realities. Every gardener, horticulturalist, scientists, farmers, decision-makers and politicians who wish to build a safe agriculture should have this book as a complete reference.
  1. Eco-friendly Pest Management Strategies for Major Vegetable Crops
  2. Pests of Brinjal (Eggplant) and their Eco-Friendly Management Techniques
    Tamoghna Saha, Hari Krishna, Nithya Chandran, Sharwan Kumar, Sailabala Dei and Archana Kumari
  3. Organic Pest Management Strategies in Tomato
    Romila Akoijam, Atanu Seni and Sandip Patra
  4. Insect and Non Insect Pests of Chilli and their Environment Friendly Management
    Rachana R. R., RichaVarshney, Romila Akoijam and Jayasimha G. T.
  5. Insect Pests of Okra and their Eco-friendly Management
    Atanu Seni, Romila Akoijam and Sandip Patra
  6. Cruciferous Vegetables: Scope of Organic based Pest Management
    ShyamBabu Sah
  7. Leguminous Vegetables: Strategies of Eco-friendly Management of Important Insect Pests
    Biswajit Patra
  8. Pest Problems and their Eco-friendly Management Techniques in Leafy Vegetables
    Gautam Chakraborty and S. Mondal
  9. Pest Problem and their Management Strategies of Tuber and Root Vegetable Crops
    Kalmesh Managanvi, Tamoghna Saha and Nithya Chandran
  10. Insect Pests of Moringa and their Ecofriendly Management
    Atanu Seni and Jaydeep Halder
  11. Use of Lure Traps and other Eco-friendly Techniques for Organic Pest Management against Fruit Flies
    Sheikh Khursheed and Farooz Hassan
  12. Host Plant Resistance as a Component to Organic Pest Management in Vegetable Crops
    Rachana R. R., Richa Varshney, Romila Akoijam and Jayasimha G. T.
  13. Organic Agriculture: Myths, Realities and Beyond
    Prabuddha Ray and Sarthak Chowdhury

Dr. Saha, T

Tamoghna Saha, Ph.D. is serving as Assistant Professor-cum-Junior Scientist, Entomology at Bihar Agricultural University (BAU), Sabour, Bhagalpur, Bihar and having more than seven and half years of experience in teaching (Undergraduate, Post-graduate and Ph. D), research, extension and training. He is the major advisor of five M.Sc. (3 completed) and one Ph. D student and also Co-advisor around twelve students in Post Graduate programme. His research currently covers host plant resistance on vegetable crops, toxicological studies and eco-friendly pest management on vegetable crops. He has released three technologies for management of key insect pests on vegetable crops in his short service carrier. Dr. Saha is presently associated with All India Coordinated Research Project on Vegetable Crops where he is catering a large no of entomological field trials.  He received post graduation in entomology from University Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad and acquired doctorate from Bidhan Chandra Krishi Vishwavidyalaya, Kalyani, Nadia, West Bengal. Dr. Saha has published many research papers, review articles and book chapters in various national and international journals. He is also an active member of editorial board of different national and international journals. Dr. Saha is Life Fellow of Entomological Society of India and Society of Plant Protection Sciences.

Dr. Managanvi, K

Kalmesh Managanvi, PhD, is working as Assistant Professor-cum-Junior Scientist, Entomology deputed at Dr. Kalam Agricultural College, Kishanganj under Bihar Agricultural University, Sabour Bhagalpur. He acquired his Master as well as Ph.D degree in Entomology from G.B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar Uttaranchal. He was the recipient of ICARs JRF during Masters Degree and DST Inspire Fellowship during Ph.D degree programme. He is recipient of   University Gold Medal from IGNOU, New Delhi for securing first rank in Post Graduate Diploma in Rural Development in 2013. He also acquired Post Graduate Diploma in Environment and Sustainable Development from IGNOU. He has various research papers, review paper and book chapters published in national and international journals.

Dr. Chandran, N

Nithya Chandran, PhD, is a Scientist (Entomology) at Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), New Delhi, India is having more than five years of experience in teaching (under graduate and post graduate), research, extension and training. Her expertise lies on Insect Biosystematics especially on Coleopteran group and Pollinators. Dr. Nithya received post-graduation in Entomology from University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad and acquired doctorate in Entomology from Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), New Delhi. She has various research papers, review paper and book chapters published in national and international journals. Dr. Nithya has recently recognized by ʻYoung Scientist Awardʼ, 2015 from Society from Scientific Development in Agriculture and Technology. She is Life Fellow of Entomological Society of India and Society of Plant Protection Sciences.

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