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Environmental Studies & Disaster Management

Environmental Studies & Disaster Management

ISBN : 9788194138723
Edition : 01
Year : 2019
Author : Dr. Ponmani S, Mrs. Bharathi VS, Dr. Balusamy A
Publisher : Agrobios (India)
Language : English
MRP : 350.00
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Book Type :
Paper Bond
No Of Pages
400 Gms
Book Size
DEMY (216 x 138 mm)
The book covers 31 major topics of environmental studies & disaster management, i.e. definition, scope and importance of environmental studies.  Natural resources (Renewable and non-renewable resources) and associated problems, the role of an individual in conservation of natural resources, equitable use of resources for sustainable lifestyles. Concept of an ecosystem, structure and function of an ecosystem, energy flow in the ecosystem, ecological succession, food chains, food webs and ecological pyramids. Biodiversity and its conservation, biogeographical classification of India, the value of biodiversity, biodiversity at global, national and local levels, hot-spots of biodiversity, threats to biodiversity, in-situ and ex-situ conservation of biodiversity. Environmental pollution- Air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, marine pollution, noise pollution, thermal pollution, nuclear hazards - definition, cause, effects and control measures, solid waste management, the role of an individual in prevention of pollution and pollution case studies. Social issues and the environment, environmental acts and public awareness, Human population and the environment. Natural disasters- meaning, nature, their types and effects. Manmade disaster - meaning, nature, their types and effects. Disaster effect and management at national and global levels.
  1. Multidisciplinary Nature of Environmental Studies
  2. Forest Resource
  3. Water Resources
  4. Mineral Resources
  5. Effects of Modern Agriculture
  6. Land Resources
  7. Ecosystems
  8. Forest Ecosystem
  9. Aquatic Ecosystem
  10. Biodiversity and its Conservation
  11. Biodiversity at Global, National, and Local Levels
  12. Endangered and Endemic Species of India
  13. Air and Noise Pollution
  14. Water and Soil Pollution
  15. Marine, Nuclear and Thermal Pollution
  16. Solid Waste Management
  17. Role of an Individual in Prevention of Pollution
  18. Water Conservation, Rain Water Harvesting and Watershed Management
  19. Acid Rain, Ozone layer and Nuclear Accidents
  20. Environment Protection Act
  21. Enforcement of Environmental Legislation
  22. Environment and Human Health
  23. Disaster Management
  24. Cyclone, Earthquakes, Landslides, Avalanches
  25. Volcanic Eruptions, Heat and Cold Waves, Climatic Change
  26. Man Made Disasters
  27. Road Accidents, Rail Accidents, Air Accidents, Sea Accidents
  28. International Strategy for Disaster Reduction
  29. Role of NGOs, Community based Organizations and Media in Disaster Management
  30. Central, State, District and Local Administration in Disaster Management
  31. Armed Forces in Disaster

Dr. Ponmani S

Dr. S. Ponmani is an Assistant Professor, Environmental Sciences, Mother Terasa College of Agriculture, affiliated to Tamil Nadu Agricultural University. She has five years of research and two years of teaching experience. She has specialisation on paper mill solid waste management, integrated nutrient management and reuse of paper mill wastewater to agricultural crops and many other aspects of preventing environmental pollution in the field of Environmental Sciences.  She has published five popular articles, ten book chapters and 12 research articles in reputed National and International journals. She got a Junior Scientist award from the National Environmental Science Academy. Presently, she is one of the members of the Editorial Team of the International Journal of Research & Review (IJRR).

Mrs. Bharathi VS

Mrs. V. Sumitha Bharathi, MSc (Environmental Sciences) currently works as Assistant professor at Thangapazham Agricultural College (Affiliated to TNAU). Tirunelveli District, Tamil Nadu. She has extensive experience in assessing the Impacts of treated tannery effluent mixed with domestic wastewater irrigation on flower crops in CEMCOT DINTEC CETP (common effluent treatment plant) Project at Dindigul.

Dr. Balusamy A

Dr. A Balusamy currently works as a scientist (Environmental Sciences) at the ICAR Research Complex for the North Eastern Hill Region in Umiam, Meghalaya, India. He has extensive experience in assessing environmental and socio-economic impacts of the development projects and experiences in problematic soil management for crop production. He is currently working in the areas of study of greenhouse gas emissions from various agricultural management systems in the North Eastern India and management of micronutrients for the cultivation of vegetables and citrus fruits in acid soils of the NEH region.

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